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Last Updated September 6th, 2005

Welcome to Edition Naam's audio satsang archive. Here you will find almost 3 gigabytes of audio recordings free for the download. Encoded in MP3 format, these files are compressed audio tracks from Video recordings of Sant Thakar Singh made during His lifetime. We have also begun our collection of Sant Baljit Singh materials, too. Almost all of these talks are available for sale in video format as VHS tape or DVD (NTSC only, sorry) through this web site.

Note about Sound quality: All of our listen-online MP3 files were variable bitrate encoded at approx. 32Kbps. This is acceptible for the internet; but if you would like high fidelity recordings, we also have those available both in Audio CD (analog) and MP3 (digital) formats. If you enjoy this online archive, consider buying an MP3 disk. Your ears will appreciate the difference.

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Origin Of The Archive

There is an extensive collection of audio recordings of Sant Kirpal Singh on the Ruhani Satsang web site. When I first encountered these tapes by chance, I was impressed with the simplicity of the presentation and the density of material: the site collects all the available audio and has many transcriptions to go side by side with the tapes. While the recordings themselves are sometimes hard to understand and the sound quality can be challenging (having been recorded in some cases 40 years ago) they seemed to me to be a priceless treasure trove of Spirituality. Nothing like this online archive existed for Sant Kirpal Singh's Successor Sant Thakar Singh, even though the Master was alive and working hard giving talks a hundred times a year.

Three years later, I can say we are a little closer to having something comparable as an online resource for the many thousands of English speaking initiates of Sant Thakar Singh who would like to listen to a talk online, and the millions who never had the chance to hear the Master in person but who are now awakening to the blessings of God through His Successor Sant Baljit Singh. The current collection numbers only about 200 of the 500 or so video satsang recordings for sale on the Edition Naam Web Site. And in truth, this is only a tiny drop in the bucket of Master's work, as He had given many thousands of talks on the subject of spirituality over the past 25 years. However, I think it is safe to say that the message of the Master is communicated here in a thorough manner to those who listen even to a fraction of what has been made available. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

Nature Of The Talks Presented

The Master's talks are generally exhortations towards the Way of Life and are free-form in nature. The Master does not prepare for a talk in the conventional way by writing out a lecture, but instead allows God to speak through Him as suits the situation. His knowledge base extends out in to many directions and he freely mixes insights from past Masters who have left their records in the form of scriptures, juxtaposting quotations from the Bible, the Adi Granth, and other books from the great world religions with ease.

On the other hand, it is important to understand the Message of the Master is not intellectual in character but is more in the manner of a heart to heart talk, one heart reaching out to another. Even at a very large gathering, one had the sense of a personal message when in the presence of the Master. He does not want to be understood at the intellectual level (or perhaps not only at that level) but most importantly at the heart or soul level. For this reason He often used to sing compositions of His own in order to better communicate the message of Love. Unfortunately in the later years (those we have represented in audio) His weakened voice no longer allowed him to sing.

The Master was an entirely practical adept and wanted us to follow a lifestyle of devotion to God and purity in moral and ethical matters in a practical manner, and achieve a personal, inner experience of God in this lifetime. He did not teach a philosophy and was not propagating an intellectual system. While His teachings do not lack in intellectual or philosophical content (quite the opposite), He was a practical Spiritual Teacher and only interested in prompting actual spiritual progress in His disciples, not impressing anybody with His knowledge. We have hundreds of examples of this attitude, which sets the Master's talks apart from those of anyone else. Like Jesus, the Master speaks with authority of One who has experienced the Divine, not as One who speaks from the scriptures alone, or from reasoning. These talks are a treasure trove of spiritual insight and there are so many talks (even in this tiny sample) as to be overwhelming.

A Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

Contrast this situation--one of extreme wealth and abundance of teachings--with the poverty of the world religions, where hardly any hard evidence of the past Master exists and there is doubt and controversy over what it all means after so many years even by the believers. This is why a living Master is necessary to find God. If you want to know what a genuine and bonified spiritual Personality teaches, in His own words and His own voice, you need look no further. Contrast this to the miserable situation of the world religions. In the case of the Christians, just imagine what the Church would pay for a single audio or video recording of Jesus, or what value the Buddhists would place on a single recording of Buddha, speaking in his own clear voice, from out of long ago. This is the point of the Living Spiritual Teacher. --He Himself comes into the world as a human being to explain these things and speaks direct to each generation and each individual heart.

The Message of The Master

The Master's message is timeless and concerns the purpose of human life. The following exerpts from a talk entitled "Come Out Of The Suffering" (Given in the United States in 2002) is as good an introduction as any:

(Listen To The Full Talk)

Man really is great, no doubt, but he has forgotten that greatness and from where it is to come. He follows along in old ruts. We adopt the impressions that we get from others, and we have no sense of discrimination. If someone is born into a Christian family, he becomes a Christian. If someone is born into an Islamic family, he will become Moslem. Anyone born into Hinduism will become Hindu. Someone born into Buddhism will become Buddhist. Why? Just because they have been told, "You are Buddhist." "Ah, okay. I am Buddhist." We are told what we are, but no one knows why we are Buddhist, why we are Moslem, or why we are Christian. It is rare for someone to ask: "Why am I Christian? What is the use of it? Why am I not Moslem? Why am I not Buddhist? Why should I not be Hindu?" People generally do not feel like analyzing to find the usefulness of something. Even if someone is born into a family of atheists, he will also become an atheist--just blindly. We have no vision to see what is white, what is black, what is good, what is bad, what is useful, or what is useless. We have our eyes totally closed. We follow leaders who may also be blind, who have also not verified what they are doing, where they are going, what is happening, and what will happen to them later on.
My dear, this body, mind, and intellect have no understanding and no feeling -we should see, analyze, and decide using the power of discrimination that has been given to us by God. We are to lead our lives according to this wisdom from God. Instead, we go on with the old impressions and old ruts. Soul has the power of discrimination, and we need to be awakened as soul. Why has God put a soul into the human being? Because we need it. Our vehicle is to move. We are entities who are to act, who are to do something.
No other species of life are doers. They have no sense of doing, and they have no organs with which they can act to make, mar, improve, or create any significant change in their lives. It is not possible. The condition of the lives of animals ten or twenty thousand years ago was the same then as it is now. There is not even a one-percent change in their lifestyle. Ten thousand years into the future, they will not have changed very much. This is because they have no sense of discrimination. They can only follow the lifestyle that has been given to them.
Man is free to act. However, he is not to act blindly. He is not to follow any customs, rituals, or traditions, because he has been given his own light, his own sense. Man is to see, decide, then adopt and act. You are to find out what will be the result of your action and then decide what to do. What is your discriminatory power? It is wonderful. It is unerring. Generally it is said, "To err is human"; but that only applies to those who are working at the level of mind and intellect and are not awakened as soul. And what will be the result of their errors? Problems and suffering. Wherever there is a mistake, there will be difficulties. The family will not run properly, the physical body will not run properly, or the machinery will not run properly.
Each moment we have difficulties and problems. When the suffering is bearable and we can handle it easily, then we say, "We are fine." When the suffering becomes unbearable and we cannot handle it, we have to admit: "I am really in difficulty and am really suffering." It is clear that anybody working at the level of body, mind, and intellect suffers. Not one person can say: "I am not suffering, I have not suffered, and I will not suffer. I am safe." To be one-hundred-percent free of suffering is the criterion given by the wise ones who were sent to teach this truth since the world began. Only those whom they had awakened as soul could understand this--to some extent.
However, just to awaken as soul is not the purpose of life. You are to reach your home and become what you truly are. Only then will your purpose be served. It will not be of any use to awaken someone who is lying in the wilderness. He will need to leave the wilderness, travel towards his home, and reach his home. Only then the purpose will be served. When you have been awakened, then the proper way is available. You also have the patience, the perseverance, and the will to understand, "I must find what I have been awakened to find. I must work for it." This is missing from you.
You know that the world and worldly life are full of misery and problems. As you may have read, when Lord Buddha saw that this world is full of suffering, he asked, "Is it possible that I will also have to suffer like this?" The answer was affirmative: "You are also on the same earth plane and have the same physical body, mind, and intellect. You may be a king or an emperor, but you are still in this valley of death where evil rules with suffering. You cannot escape the suffering, problems, worries, diseases, or death that others experience. Eventually you will also have to experience them in one way or another. You cannot escape." Then he felt that this world is not livable.
Is there any chance to live a life that could be called enjoyable? Man's basic need is to enjoy; enjoyment is the basic necessity of life. Wherever there is life, even small creatures like worms want to live a better life. They do not want to suffer but to enjoy. No doubt, life has consciousness and movement--to work, to act--but its first necessity is to enjoy and not suffer. That is topmost. Anything that has the tendency to exist, to move, uses all its ways and means for its whole life to avoid suffering and to enjoy.
Therefore, man must know the top priority that has been given to him. He has to know how to establish this lifestyle; he has to, he cannot live without it. Let's say that you are in a very horrible situation--you are diseased and in terrible pain. You must come out of it, but how? What are the ways and means? When you know them, you can use them and then you will be free to enjoy without suffering.
When we adopt this process, we will be able to live. Now we are not wise enough. We are pessimistic. We have lost all hope that there can be peace or enjoyment in this world. We feel: "This world will go on as it is. Sometimes we laugh; sometimes we cry. Sometimes we are diseased; sometimes we are healthy. Sometimes we are in debt; sometimes we are prosperous. Sometimes we are weak; sometimes we are healthy. Whatever the situation is, there is no remedy for it. There is no help for it. We have to accept it."
People do not say, "This is the will of our foolishness." They say, "This is the will of God. Accept it. Suffer." But what is truly the will of God? He says, "Enjoy. Be ye perfect even as your Father who is in heaven is perfect." This is the will of God. You are to enjoy the life of perfection. As human beings, you are to come out of the way of suffering.
This treacherous way of life that we lead is due to our cunning mind. We do not understand who guides us and who misguides us. We have accepted our mind as our guide, and we have not known that it is one-hundred-percent misguided because it has no eyes. In the Bible, it states: "Seeing we see, but we do not perceive. Hearing we hear, but we do not understand. The mind has no understanding and no feeling." If the driver of a car is blind and deaf, what will happen to those traveling in that car? We are all in this situation.
Is there any hope for us? Is there any hope for the children to whom we give birth? The world is full of sufferers, and the population is increasing with more sufferers. What is the use of a world where there are only sufferers? As I have already requested, suffering is not to be our lifestyle. It cannot be, it must never be. We have to find the way to end our problems. We have already tested the outer information, the outer knowledge, and the outer wisdom. We have tried all the institutions and organizations, but none have resulted in significantly positive changes. There have been many new inventions, discoveries, developments, theories, and therapies; but the pillar of suffering is still standing and still growing.
When I was in my twenties, the condition of the world was much better. Life was much easier, more comfortable, and more stable. One felt secure in himself. Now it is much worse. Difficulties and problems have increased everywhere. This is not the fault of new developments; the problem is how they are used. Since the beginning, there has been no change in the kingdom of God. It is the same. It is the best and has always been the best. Why is it not like that here on earth? Because we have not known and have not used the arrangement given to us; therefore we could not get its benefits and could not create the same condition here that is in the kingdom of God.
What is in the Kingdom of God? First, there is the kingdom of God itself. Second, God is there. Third, souls are there. It is not possible to make the Kingdom of God more perfect. It has been perfect since the beginning and is perfect now. It has reached its summit. If you have reached the top peak of the mountain, you cannot go further up; you can only go down.
So what is the peak of life? What is the real standard of life? Each one of you has been given everything you need. Each one of you has within you the Kingdom of God, God, and soul.

- Sant Thakar Singh, July 31, 2002 Evening, Lighthouse Center Oregon, USA

The Future

In the mean time, as this archive was coming into existence, the Master left the body on March 6th of this year (2005) at the age of 75. But the Master is not gone. His work is continued by Sant Baljit Singh, His living Successor, and Baljit's talks will hopefully be made available here as they come into existence. Unlike Sant Kirpal Singh, who did not openly name His Successor, the Master wanted to avoid any break in the Mission work and was specific that things go on without any interruption after His physical departure. Accordingly He provided Someone to continue the work of Naam Initiation (spiritual awakening). Baljit is really one with the Master; there is no spiritual difference between the two, but because Baljit is here in the physical world He can benefit us in a way Sant Thakar Singh no longer can. As a result we are to look to the Living Master even as we remember and honor his Spiritual Predecessor.

- The Webmaster

Audio Recordings of Talks Given by Sant Thakar Singh Ji


I have one talk which was simply labeled "Talk from India" and was in the "Miscellaneous" folder. It is probably the oldest talk in the archive judged by Master's voice and inflection; but the date is unknown.

[This has since been identified as May 19th, 1987 and was recorded in Mandri, India. Digital Video of this beautiful talk is available on Volume One of Legacy Of Love.]

Talk From India


The one talk in the archive from this year is described as "October, 1997, Fort Lauderdale Florida."

Oct. 1997, Fort Lauderdale


We have one talk in the archive from this year described as "1998, Lighthouse Center Oregon"

[This was later identified as June 26, Morning of that year.]

June 26, 1998, LCO


Sant Thakar Singh visited Russia, the Ukraine, Italy, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Korea, and Taiwan in 1999. The audio materials in the archive are from the 5th to the 27th of July, principly from His extended stop at Lighthouse Center Oregon. There are also eight talks given in Santa Barbara, CA, from July 5th to July 8th.

LCO Retreat 1999
Jul 13, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 13, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 14, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 15, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 15, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 15, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 16, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 16, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 17, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 17, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 18, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 18, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 19, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 19, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 20, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 20, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 21, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 21, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 22, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 22, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 23, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 23, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 24, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 24, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 25, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 25, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 26, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 26, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 27, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 27, 1999 Morning Talk
Santa Barbara, 1999
Jul 05, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 05, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 06, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 06, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 07, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 07, 1999 Evening Talk
Jul 07, 1999 Morning Talk
Jul 08, 1999 Morning Talk


Sant Thakar Singh visited the Ukraine, Italy, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Chile in 2001. The audio materials in the archive are from the two main United States stops, at Manav Kendra Florida (aka "The Farm") and Lighthouse Center Oregon.

Manav Kendra Florida, 2001
Jun 09, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 09, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 09, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 10, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 11, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 11, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 12, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 12, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 13, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 13, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 14, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 14, 2001 Afternoon Talk
Jun 14, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 15, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 15, 2001 Morning Talk
Jun 16, 2001 Evening Talk
Jun 16, 2001 Morning Talk
Lighthouse Center Oregon, 2001
Aug 03, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 03, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 04, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 04, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 05, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 05, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 06, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 07, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 07, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 08, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 08, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 10, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2001 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2001 Morning Talk
Aug 12, 2001 Morning Talk


Sant Thakar Singh visited Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States in 2002. We have audio in the archive from the Australian and New Zealand stops as well as LCO. Many of the LCO talks were compiled in book form in The Way Of Life, 2002, available on this website.

Australia and New Zealand, 2002
Jun 18, 2002 Evening Talk
Jun 19, 2002 Morning Talk
Jun 19, 2002 Evening Talk
Jun 21, 2002 Morning Talk
Jun 26, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 01, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 02, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 02, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 07, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 09, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 11, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 12, 2002 Morning Talk
Lighthouse Center Oregon, 2002
Jul 27, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 28, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 28, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 29, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 29, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 30, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 30, 2002 Evening Talk
Jul 31, 2002 Morning Talk
Jul 31, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 01, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 01, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 02, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 02, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 03, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 03, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 04, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 04, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 05, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 05, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 06, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 06, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 07, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 07, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 08, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 09, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 09, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 10, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 10, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 11, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 12, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 12, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 13, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 13, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 14, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 14, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 15, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 15, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 16, 2002 Morning Talk
Aug 16, 2002 Evening Talk
Aug 17, 2002 Morning Talk


Lighthouse Center Oregon, 2003
Aug 08, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 09, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 09, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 10, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 10, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 12, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 12, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 13, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 13, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 14, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 14, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 15, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 16, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 16, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 17, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 17, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 18, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 18, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 19, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 19, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 20, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 20, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 21, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 22, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 22, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 23, 2003 Morning Talk
Aug 23, 2003 Evening Talk
Aug 24, 2003 Morning Talk


The Master spent the remainder of His life in India due to illness. During this period He spent time in Sai, a little village about 30 kilometers from Nawan Nagar. The Master made first mention of His successor in a talk on Sep. 19th, elaborated on the matter on the 20th, and then showed the assembled satsang a picture of Sant Baljit Singh on Sep. 21st, 2004. These talks are all included here in the archive, although the audio is in the original Hindi in most cases.

Some (but not all) of these talks found their way into Live The Life Of Soul

Nawan Nagar and Sai, India 2004
Apr 21, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Apr 25, 2004 Bhandara
Apr 25, 2004 Bhandara
Jun 16, 2004 Evening Talk
Jun 30, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 05, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 08, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 16, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 18, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 19, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 20, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 23, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 25, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 26, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 27, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 28, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 29, 2004 Evening Talk
Jul 30, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 04, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 05, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 06, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 09, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 11, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 12, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 13, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 16, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 18, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 19, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 24, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 25, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 26, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 27, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 29, 2004 Evening Talk
Aug 31, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 01, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 02, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 03, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 05, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 07, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 08, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 09, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 10, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 16, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Sep 17, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Sep 18, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Sep 19, 2004 Morning Talk
Sep 19, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 20, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 21, 2004 Evening Talk
Sep 23, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Sep 24, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Sep 25, 2004 Afternoon Talk
Nov 04, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 06, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 08, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 09, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 10, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 11, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 12, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 13, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 14, 2004 Morning Talk
Nov 15, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 21, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 23, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 24, 2004 Evening Talk
Nov 27, 2004 Evening Talk
Dec 12, 2004 Evening Talk
Pimpalner, India 2005
Feb 06, 2005 Bhandara

Talks by Sant Baljit Singh

The most recent recordings in the archive are from Sant Thakar Singh's Successor, Sant Baljit Singh.

Interview With Sant Baljit Singh (Feb 4th, 2005)

Recorded at Pimpalner, India

KTSI has made the first substantial interview with Sant Baljit Singh available as MP3 files on their website.

Lighthouse Center Oregon, Retreat 2005

Before the Retreat, management had stated Sant Baljit Singh would not give satsangs (talks), but would meditate each night with the participants. Luckily before and after each meditation session the Master did make some informal remarks about meditation and these are a priceless introduction to the new Master, full of laughter tempered with seriousness. These remarks were put together as four A/V disks with high quality audio and are available for purchase in DVD, VHS, and Audio CD formats. However, the audio CD tracks have been MP3 encoded here for your convenience:

DVD1, July 22,23,24,25,26 2005 Evenings (1:14:25), 17 Mb.
DVD2, July 27,28,29, Aug 8, 2005 Evenings (1:06:50), 15.3 Mb.
DVD3, July 30,31 2005 Evenings (includes Q & A) (1:10:26), 16.1 Mb.
DVD4, Aug 4,5,6 2005 Evenings (1:19:52), 18.3 Mb.

These are smaller files which represent the contents of DVD 1 and part of DVD 2; they may be easier to download.

July 22, 2005 Evening (21:11)
July 23, 2005 Evening (19:52)
July 24, 2005 Evening (12:53)
July 25, 2005 Evening (11:53)
July 26, 2005 Evening (7:11)
July 27, 2005 Evening (17:40)
July 28, 2005 Evening (26:45)

Selfless Service, Parts I and II

In 2003, two video tapes were created from exerpts of talks by Sant Thakar Singh on the subject of Selfless Service (or "seva"). The audio from these tapes is made available here in the archive. Service is critically important on the Path and these exerpts hold valuable insights on what Selfless Service is and how to do it effectively.

Part I, What Is Selfless Service?

Part II, How To Do Selfless Service

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