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LCO 2003 August 21

Sant Thakar Singh - Commemoration of Sant Kirpal Singh 2003 - DVD

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Sant Thakar Singh - Commemoration of Sant Kirpal Singh 2003 - DVD
Lighthouse Center Oregon, 2003 August 21

This 2-DVD set commemorates Sant Kirpal Singh on the occasion of his death anniversary. Sant Thakar Singh gives very informational and moving talks, sharing memories of his beloved Master, Sant Kirpal Singh.

Other events include testimonials shared by initiates of Sant Kirpal Singh, musical selections played on Indian classical instruments, and recordings of Sant Kirpal Singh. Sant Thakar Singh also leads the audience in singing a devotional song. 

This special commemoration occurred during Sant Thakar Singh's last visit to the USA and was one of the very few times that the Master held a major bhandara (spiritual commemoration) outside of India. 

Vol I: Morning program, 128 minutes

Vol II: Evening program, 150 minutes

Total run-time: 278 minutes
Language: English
Format: NTSC
Number of Discs: 2