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Determination for the Destination

Determination for the Destination - DVD, multiple languages

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In this talk given at a spiritual retreat, Sant Baljit Singh Ji explains how life is like a river with two banks. One shore represents this world where we live now, which is illusory by nature. Across the river is the other shore, our true home where we can experience reality and feel whole and complete. Due to the illusory nature of this world, our minds cling to temporary comforts and luxuries, keeping us on this side of the river. The question arises, what can help us make the journey across? We must first begin the journey wholeheartedly, and then continue onward with earnest effort. The story of Buddha provides a real-life example. Showing great courage and determination, he left behind his luxurious palace to find answers to life and to reach the truth on the spiritual shore.

Disc: 52 minutes

Languages: English-French-German-Russian-Spanish

Number of Discs: 1

Format: NTSC