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Know Thyself as Soul Magazine SUBSCRIBE / VIEW

Know Thyself as Soul Magazine SUBSCRIBE / VIEW

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Know Thyself as Soul Magazine offers a variety of articles about spirituality, compassion, serving and helping others, the vegetarian diet, meditation on the inner Light and Sound, and more. The magazine is produced four times per year in English, Spanish, and other languages. 


We currently offer subscriptions to the English edition. 

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The most recent issues of the Know Thyself as Soul Magazine are available as "read only" PDFs. You need Adobe Acrobat or other PDF viewer to view the PDFs.  Click below on the PDF that you want to view. You can view it online or download it to your computer or device to read later.


2016 Issue 4 "Serving the One in All"

2017 Issue 1 "Remembering Our Source" 
2017 Issue 2 "Love Everyone"
2017 Issue 3 "Pathway to God"
2017 Issue 4 "Journey of the Soul"

2018 Issue 1 "The Mind—A Spiritual Perspective"
2018 Issue 2 "Introspection"
2018 Issue 3 "Gratitude and Contentment"
2018 Issue 4 "Humility"

2019 Issue 1 "Why Are We Here?"
2019 Issue 2 "Devotion"
2019 Issue 3 "Present Moment"
2019 Issue 4 "Kind Hearts, Kind Deeds"

2020 Issue 1 "The Spiritual Master"
2020 Issue 2 "Pure Love"
2020 Issue 3 "Charity"
2020 Issue 4 "Dharma—Sacred Purpose"

2021 Issue 1 "Connecting with God"
2021 Issue 2 "The Practice of Meditation"
2021 Issue 3 "Spiritual Devotion"
2021 Issue 4 "Peace Within"

2022 Issue 1 "Love and Dedication"
2022 Issue 2 "True Essence"
2022 Issue 3 "Self Knowledge"


2020 Número 2 "Amor Puro"

2019 Número 4 "Corazones bondadosos, obras bondadosas"
2019 Número 3 "El Momento Presente"

2018 Número 3 "Gratitud y satisfacción"
2018 Número 2 "Introspección"
2018 Número 1 "La mente - una perspectiva espiritual"

2017 Número 1 "Recordando nuestro origen"

2016 Número 2 "Enfoque consciente"

2015 Número 3 "Sabiduría para todos"