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Call Of The Valley - music CD

Call Of The Valley - music CD

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Beautiful, joyful music is produced by Indian classical musicians on this legendary CD. A relaxing and uplifting music CD for family and friends to enjoy. This was one of the first offerings of Indian classical instrumental music to become popular in the west. (Instruments only; no vocals.)

Shiv Kumar - santoor 
Hariprasad - flute
Brij Bhushan - guitar

1. Ahir Bhairav
2. Nat Bhairav - Ektaal
3. Piloo - Teentaal
4. Gara - Dadra
5. Bhoop - Jhaptaa
6. Des - Dadra
7. Pahadi - Kaharwa
8. Dhun - Mishra Kirwani
9. Bageshwari