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El Sendero Sagrado - Spanish book

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In English:

This compilation of writings from the spiritual teacher Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894-1974) describes the goal of human existence and the method for attaining it. We human beings know ourselves as mind and body, yet we can also know ourselves as soul, connecting with the source of all life. The author provides in-depth information about how to achieve this purpose of life, including the role of a competent guide, the lifestyle that supports one’s efforts, and the significance of meditation on the inner Light and Sound. This volume offers timeless answers and hope for all humanity.

If only the thought remained uppermost in mind: “Who am I? Where am I going?” This could change the very pattern of your life. You can direct your own destiny.

—Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

Por: Kirpal Singh Ji

Hardcover: 655 pages

Language: Spanish