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The Master: A Spiritual Preceptor - book

The Master: A Spiritual Preceptor - book

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The living Master is key for the development of the soul, as he provides the conscious connection with the inner Light and Sound and complete guidance along the spiritual path. This compendium of excerpts from the Masters' talks describes the nature of the Master and his key role. The book also includes a description of the transition from Sant Thakar Singh to Sant Baljit Singh.

Excerpts from talks by Sant Baljit Singh, Sant Thakar Singh, and Sant Kirpal Singh

Paperback: 109 pages

Publisher: Edition Naam

ISBN: 978-0-917019-22-7

Table of Contents:

The Master
   God-Realized Man
   Greatest Benefactor

The Nature of the Master
   Showers True Love
   True Friend

The Master's Key Role
   Awakening the Soul
   Evolving the Spiritual Nature
   Unveiling the Oneness

The Necessity of the Living Master

The Living Example
   The New Master
   The Transition from Sant Thakar Singh to Sant Baljit Singh
   The Present Master

   Sant Mat
   Sant Kirpal Singh
   Sant Thakar Singh
   Sant Baljit Singh