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Rumi: Fountain of Fire - book

Rumi: Fountain of Fire - book

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"If the entire world is covered with the blossoms you have labored to plant, what do you think will happen?"  (Rumi)

Soul-stirring poetry from Rumi inspires us with the spiritual aspect of life. Translated from original Persian by Nader Khalili, who keeps his translations true to Rumi's meaning, this volume of 75 poems has been called one of the best renditions of Rumi's poetry available today. The words are simple, yet the ideas sublime:

"You are that blessed soul that belongs to the garden of paradise; Why talk about all the known and unknown? See how the unknown merges into the known." (Rumi)

Author: Rumi, translated by Nader Khalili

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Cal-Earth Press

ISBN: 978-1889625034