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The Purpose of Life - DVD, multiple languages

The Purpose of Life - DVD, multiple languages

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In this talk, Sant Baljit Singh Ji explains that human life is a precious gift given to us for a purpose, which is to transcend the limitations of physical existence and merge with the source of all creation. To reach any goal in life, one needs a lifestyle that supports that goal. A humorous story is told to illustrate this point. A distinguished king holds a party where guests are offered all kinds of gifts. Like most of the guests in the story, we can choose a lifestyle that pursues only material pleasures and wealth. In the process, we become lost and miss the chance to experience something even better. Or, we can be like the one guest who realized he could have lasting enjoyment by seeking the source of all gifts, the king himself.  

Disc: 78 minutes

Languages: English-French-German-Russian-Spanish

Number of Discs: 1

Format: NTSC