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Legacy of Love Vol. 1

Legacy of Love, Vol. 1 - includes 8 DVDs

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Collection of satsangs by Sant Thakar Singh convey the essence of his teachings. The collection is in 3 volumes, and each volume has 8 DVDs, for a total of 24 DVDs. 

In Volume 1, the talks include:

Feb 24, 1987 Evening Talk, Wappinger Falls, NY, USA
May 6, 1994 Morning Talk,Mur-de-Sologne, France
Oct 7, 1996 Morning Talk,Catskills Retreat, NY, USA
May 6, 1994 Afternoon Talk,Mur-de-Sologne, France
Mar 22, 1995 Chandigarh, India

Language: English 
Number of Discs: 8 
Format: NTSC