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El Misterio de la Muerte

El Misterio de la Muerte - Spanish book

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El Misterio de la Muerte

The Mystery of Death
Spanish version

Death has always been one of the great mysteries for humankind. We observe that living things die, yet we do not know much about what happens afterward. The spiritual Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (1894-1974) explains that we, as soul, are eternal. By knowing ourselves as soul, we can perceive the true nature of reality and know that death is not an ending, but only a change.  

Death does not mean total extinction or annihilation as, at times, it is believed to be. Death is nothing but a change of consciousness from one place of existence to another place of existence. Life is one continuous process that knows no end.      
—Sant Kirpal Singh  Ji

Author: Kirpal Singh Ji

Hardcover: 172 pages

Language: Spanish