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Blessings From God DVD

Blessings From God - DVD slideshow, multiple languages

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Bhandara & Village Visits with Sant Baljit Singh Ji, 2010-2011: The spiritual Masters come to earth to spread the message about the purpose of life—to know oneself as soul and to realize God.  More than two million people attended bhandaras (spiritual celebration gatherings) in India during late 2010 and early 2011 to seek the Master’s blessings and to listen to the eternal wisdom of his words. With colorful photos, inspirational quotes, devotional Indian music, and narrative, this DVD slide-show gives a beautiful glimpse into the great love that the Master has for humanity and his desire to help everyone find inner peace and happiness.      

Part 1: November 2010 Bhandara, Nawan Nagar

Part 2: February 6, 2011 Bhandara, Pimpalner

Part 3: February 2011, Village Visits, Maharashtra

Part 4: March 6, 2011 Bhandara, Nagpur

Part 5: March 26, 2011 Bhandara, Nawan Nagar      

Run-time: 47 minutes

Format: NTSC         

Number of discs: 1


Group A: English-French-German-Russian-Spanish

Group B: English-Chinese-Japanese-Korean-Vietnamese          

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